Fidgetiness. No. Stop it.

God  . I miss Your home. I hate this one.

But.. sometimes, people too much pretend. Thus, the problems never can be solved.

Sometimes people has gone too far in suspecting the others. Thus, they always su’udzan each other. No tabayyun. No chance for any clarification.

Sometimes all I want is always be a nice person.

But however not all understand it deeply.

Sometimes they are too subjective and bias in interpretating something.

Thus, all things go in the wrong side.

It just bad.

It is wrong.

I just miss to home where You will show the truth. That I’m not doing that way.

That I try to do my best here, to make it balance. To make it fair. To keep it run well.

Just it.

Sometimes I just hope to disappear from this earth. Then fly to Your place. And talk with You, and listen the way You grade something, and take heart from that way.

And go back to this temporary home.

And make a better battle to face this life

I’m just cloudy now. Just it. And remembering You would always be the best way to make it shine.



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